Northern Vessel was founded in the spring of 2019 by way of a coffee cart. Over the next few years NV went from a coffee cart serving events, to delivering cold brew lattes to people’s homes during COVID, to serving coffee as an outdoor coffee shop, to a sub-leased brick and mortar shop.

After a year hiatus, NV has opened its first official brick and mortar in Downtown, Des Moines.

Northern Vessel is a coffee company based in downtown Des Moines, Iowa that strives to provide an exceptional coffee experience through quality of menu, atmosphere, and hospitality.

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"Love this spot! I'm from Ames but make time to stop in weekly! They have fantastic coffee, a great atmosphere, and incredibly generous employees."

Obsessed to say the least. This is the best cold brew I have had and I've been debating for days about going in to buy a jug (it's likely). Very nice staff as well.

"Everything about this place is fabulous. Chilled latte was delicious, served in the coolest glass I've ever seen. Can we buy these? :) Even the extra details of the square, crystal clear ice cubes were a nice touch."

"I’ve been to a lot of coffee shops and I can say that NV is hands down the best one I’ve ever been to. I had the cold brew latte and it’s out of this world tasty."

"Big fan of this spot. They have great coffee, and an incredible menu that includes teas, lemonades, and various craft canned and bottled drinks. They also usually have a good variety of fresh sweet and savory pastries and treats available."

"The coffee joint Des Moines needed. This is good stuff. Spanish Latte and the Chagaccino Latte are the new way I start my day such good flavor and consistency."

"Northern Vessel was great! TJ and the staff are amazing. Ordered a Vanilla Chai Latte and it was superb!! Highly recommend, great local coffee shop. Will be back!"

"I had a double shot of espresso and a cheerio latte. The double shot was perfectly extracted, sweet with the right amount of bitterness. It was served with sparkling water. The Cheerio latte was delicious and served in a proper 12 oz serving."

"This is such a cool place! Love the vibe inside. The coffee options are honestly all incredible (and so unique)! I wanted to keep trying different kinds, but had to call it quits. Another time! And if you can get Michael as your coffee artist, you won’t be disappointed!"

"Northern Vessel coffee is top notch! Not only are the drinks amazing, the service is awesome too. Definitely make the time to stop in to see their beautiful space, you won’t be disappointed."